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Guide for Face Scrub Uses. Can you use Face Scrubs as Body Scrubs?

We all love winter, don’t we? Tucking in under a blanket, fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, yes we love this season. The only thing we don’t like is the onset of dry skin issues that knock on your door along with the cold breeze. While a moisturiser or serum can help you with hydration, you need extra care for the dry itchy flaky skin in the winter. Fortunately, we have a face scrub to tackle this problem. What are face scrub uses did you ask? Your skin will love the little pampering a face scrub can give. If you have questions in mind like ‘can we use face scrub on the body’ or ‘are face scrubs suitable for sensitive skin’, don’t worry we have answers for you. In this guide for face, scrub uses we will share with you face scrub benefits, how to use them right, and how to use face scrub on your body so that you enjoy the better parts of winter and don’t have to worry about dry flaky skin!

What is a Face Scrub?

But first, let us understand what a face scrub is. A face scrub is a skincare product which exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells. When you get rid of dead skin you reduce the chances of breakouts and acne. There are various face scrub uses with which you can achieve flawless skin. A face scrub is an essential part of your beauty regime to remove blackheads and whiteheads. 

Face Scrub Benefits 

A healthy skincare routine consists of different steps. Using a  facial scrub at least twice a week is a healthy practice. Face scrub uses are aplenty and so are the benefits. A face scrub not just removes deep-set impurities, but also helps you achieve that flawless glowing skin. Let us look at some face scrub benefits and why you should include a face scrub in your skincare routine.  

#1 Removes Dead Skin

One of the best face scrub uses is to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin is quite normal because as a normal process the body sheds dead skin cells. Thus, regularly removing these dead skin cells becomes vital when we care for our skin. Use a face scrub to remove dead skin cells for healthy skin. 

#2 Removes whiteheads and blackheads

Whiteheads form on the skin when there’s excess oil and dead skin. And when this clogged follicle gets exposed to the air it becomes dark causing blackheads. (1) A face scrub can help you get rid of blackheads and whiteheads by exfoliating and cleaning these excess sebum deposits. 

#3 Unclogs pores

The body produces a natural oil called sebum, which keeps the skin moisturized. But sometimes the excess production of sebum can end up clogging the pores. These clogged pores become a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria and lead to breakouts. Face scrub benefits the skin by unclogging pores and cleaning them for reduced chances of breakouts.  

#4 Prevents ingrown hair

Ingrown hair can be frustrating especially if it is leading to acne breakout. Using a facial scrub to gently exfoliate the skin helps as it removes dead skin cells to release ingrown hair.(2) 

#5 Improves skin texture

Your facial skin is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body. The facial skin is prone to damage and breakouts. Environmental pollutants and dead skin build-up can lead to rough and dull skin. A face scrub benefits the skin by improving its texture while removing dead flaky skin and revealing newly regenerated skin. 

How to Use Face scrubs the right way?

Now that you know about the benefits of face scrubs let’s understand how to use an exfoliating scrub.  

Include a face scrub in your nighttime skincare routine where you exfoliate your skin twice a week. Using a face scrub every day is not recommended because it can lead to excess oil production by the skin.

Here’s how you can use a face scrub

  1. Take a pea size amount of Lotus Face Scrub and apply it on a damp face
  2. Massage the face in circular motions
  3. Focus on areas around the nose, chin, T-zone and forehead
  4. Wash off with water

Face Scrub Vs Body Scrubs

Skin exfoliation is vital in removing dead skin. While we take care of the facial skin, the body sometimes gets neglected. Skin becomes drier and more sensitive as you age. So taking care of the skin of your arms, body and legs will keep them healthy and free of blackheads, whiteheads and ingrown hair.

Are you asking ‘can you use face scrub on body’? Then the answer is YES. Use a face scrub as a body scrub, especially in winter. The cold weather can create havoc on your skin. The drier the weather, the drier your skin becomes. Exfoliate the dead skin on your arms and legs with a face scrub. It is easier to use an exfoliating scrub in the shower. 

If you are wondering how to use face scrub on body, or if a face scrub will be gentle for the body, we have answers for you. Lotus face scrubs are made with natural ingredients and can be used both as a face scrub and a body scrub. They are not harsh and don’t strip your skin of natural oils.

You can make DIY sugar body scrubs for exfoliation, but ensure you are not using them on your face because sugar scrubs can be abrasive and can be harsh for delicate facial skin.       

Lotus Botanicals Face Scrubs for Healthy Skin

Did you know face scrub benefits the skin by addressing different skin issues too? Lotus Botanicals offers a wide range of face scrubs to address different skin concerns. Here are some of our face scrubs you can choose for your skincare.

Ubtan De-Tan Radiance Face Scrub made with the goodness of chickpeas (besan), sandalwood (Chandan), turmeric, and rose brings the ancient Indian secret of Ubtan to your skincare. These natural ingredients de-tan your skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. The ubtan face scrub is infused with 24K gold to give you glowing skin.

If acne is troubling you use our Baking Soda Face Scrub which is effective in cleaning pores, fighting acne and balancing oil on the skin. Use the Vitamin C Scrub made with the goodness of Vitamin C to boost the glow in your skin. Lotus face scrubs suit all skin types and they are safe even for sensitive skin.

Lotus Botanicals brings to you certified safe cosmetics with 100% plant-derived ingredients. All our products are paraben-free and sulphate free and contain no harmful chemicals.   


Your skin needs some tender loving care, especially in the dryer colder weather. It is essential that you keep exfoliating the dead skin cells to prevent breakouts and blackheads. Use a face scrub on your face and body for healthy glowing skin. Now that you know about face scrub benefits and face scrub uses choose a face scrub according to your skin need and enjoy radiant skin this winter. 

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