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Stay Clear of Maskne During Monsoon

With the seasons changing, it is an absolute necessity to modify your beauty and skincare routine. While the monsoon weather brings freshness, many also struggle with the adverse effects of humidity in the atmosphere. Constant exposure to it makes one prone to various skin problems. The most common one being acne. Adding to this, maskne has also become a major skin concern.

The pandemic has made it imperative for everyone to wear a mask while stepping out of the house, but its excessive use may also lead to the development of acne. If you have not heard of the term "Maskne" before, you were probably living under a rock. Maskne refers to the breakouts around the part of your face that is covered by a face mask. This type of breakout is hard to get rid of and coupled with the fact that it is now Monsoon, it can also exacerbate the problem.

Having said that, the solution here is not to stop wearing a mask. You just have to be a little more careful while choosing the right type of material for the mask and also following a strict skincare routine. Some of the points you should take note of include -


This is an unsaid rule but you should always and I mean always wash your reusable mask after use. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly with disinfectant soap and water.


It is advisable to use a rich and hydrating moisturiser during the day as well as at night, or whenever you feel like your skin needs it. The Lotus Botanicals Vitamin C skin brightening moisturiser will definitely help your skin feel supple and hydrated at all times.


To prevent maskne it is important for you to choose masks that do not trap sweat as they work the best for your skin.


In addition to cleansing before bedtime, try washing your face as soon as you get home after a long day being masked. Use the Lotus Botanicals Vitamin C skin brightening face wash which is gentle on your skin and tough on your impurities.

There is no denying that maskne can be frustrating but with a combination of treatment and prevention, you can keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

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