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Surprising Benefits of Red Onion Oil That You Should Know!

They say the first impression is the last impression, and we don’t want our last impression to be with hair problems. While most of our hair problems don’t really show on the surface, we know it’s there and the thought of reaching up to really scratch our scalp or apply another coat of serum while at a meeting is unthinkable.

Red Onion Oil (Allium Cepa) is an answer to all your hair problems (1). It is generally known for its incredible hair-thy (hair-healthy) benefits from growing out your beautiful hair to caring for it and we’re going to be taking a look at those benefits now (2).

Key Benefits of Red Onion Oil for Hair

  1. Grow your hair:

Trying to grow your hair? Then, Red Onion Oil is for you!

It has antimicrobial properties which prevents build-up on your scalp (3) promoting hair growth with every application. Be sure to get those fingers moving when you’re massaging it into your scalp as it helps with blood circulation which strengthens your hair roots and brings about growth of new hair follicles.

  1. Put an end to hair fall:

Hair Fall is a huge problem that everyone has been through once or just a few billion times in their lifetime. Well Red Onion Oil is your solution for that as it is a source of antioxidants (4) that produce enzymes which prevents hair thinning and hair fall overtime.

  1. Say ‘goodbye’ to Dandruff:

Here’s another problem we’ve all faced or still face. Majority of us think using a good shampoo and conditioner is enough to cure our dandruff problem, but going full force and oiling your hair with Red Onion Oil before every wash is an attack, which dandruff won’t be able to stand. Red Onion Oil has natural properties like its antibacterial property that promotes a healthier scalp making it difficult for bacteria to survive. This helps treat scalp conditions/infections as well as dandruff.

  1. No more split ends:

Usually, our best solution for split ends is to just go for a trim or better yet, a haircut because nothing we do or use works. But sometimes split ends are still present a few days/weeks after a haircut.

What do you do then? Go for another haircut till you’re bald?

Please don’t. Red Onion Oil is abundant in Sulphur (5) which is a cure for split ends, and the plus side, it makes your hair softer and voluminous.

  1. Better Hair Texture:

Who doesn’t want soft thick hair?

Well, Red Onion Oil promotes hair growth and structure, repairing damaged hair follicles making your hair denser and thicker. 

Some Amazing DIY Hair Masks

Red onion oil mixed with hair masks is all the rage right now, and what better way to pamper your hair than to make one yourself? *Chef’s Kiss* Even better.

Here are a few ways you can pair Red Onion Oil to make a mask at the comfort of your home.

  • A mixture of Red Onion Oil with Castor Oil which has some similar properties with Red Onion Oil as well as helps to shed damaged skin cells (6).

If Castor Oil is something you can’t get your hands on, then try out these other options with ingredients that you will certainly have at home.

  • A mixture of Red Onion Oil and Egg yolk which has a high fat ratio that makes your hair even softer (7).
  • A mixture of Red Onion Oil and Ginger juice which has anti-inflammatory properties that combats scalp infections/conditions (8).

Give your tresses the love and care it needs with Lotus Botanicals Hair Oil Range.


In all of this, remember that consistency is key. Don’t expect all of these benefits without making the Red Onion Oil application a routine. But when you do reap the benefits, and you will, don’t stop there because prevention is better than cure.

FAQs about Red Onion Oil.

Q: How often can you apply Red Onion Oil?

A: Well how often do you want to? You can apply Red Onion Oil as many times as you wash your hair and even put a little quantity on the important areas until you get your desired result.

Q: Are there any side effects to using Red Onion Oil?

A: We all have different reactions to different things and you wouldn’t know until you actually do a test-use. That is, apply a small amount of red onion oil and wait for a set period of time and see if you have any reactions. Some reactions to using Red Onion Oil may include itching and redness (9).

Now go get that scalp massage and begin your hair growth/care journey with Lotus Botanicals’ red onion hair combo pack.

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