Sandalwood, a precious wood prized for its captivating aroma and historical significance, also boasts a surprising range of benefits for your skin. Extracted from the heartwood of Santalum trees, sandalwood oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its soothing and beautifying properties.

Best Used With:

To maximize the effectiveness of sandalwood oil and address specific concerns, consider pairing it with these complementary ingredients:

  • For Oily Skin: Combine sandalwood oil with jojoba oil or witch hazel for a lightweight, oil-balancing blend.
  • For Dry Skin: Mix sandalwood oil with hyaluronic acid or rosehip oil to create a nourishing and hydrating treatment.
  • For Acne-Prone Skin: Pair sandalwood oil with tea tree oil or niacinamide for their additional antibacterial and blemish-fighting properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sandalwood oil suitable for all skin types?

Sandalwood is generally well-tolerated, but it's always recommended to do a patch test first, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Can sandalwood oil help with wrinkles?

While research is ongoing, some studies suggest sandalwood might stimulate collagen production, potentially reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Does sandalwood have a strong scent?

Yes, sandalwood has a distinctive, warm, and woody fragrance. If you're sensitive to scents, consider fragrance-free products or consult a dermatologist for alternatives.

Is sandalwood sustainable?

Sandalwood harvesting is strictly regulated in many regions. Look for brands committed to sustainable sourcing practices.