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9 Easy Yet Effective Hair Care Routine For Summers

Hair is an essential part of our whole being. But often, we forget to pay attention to our hair care due to our fast-paced modern lives and demanding schedules. We love to have thick, shiny, voluminous hair, but as we grow old, we experience several hair issues like hair thinning and hair fall. These happen due to pollution, stress, and other health issues like hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, if we ignore these symptoms, it may lead to irreparable hair damage. This is why we should focus on our hair care regime, which can help us prevent such hair issues. 

And especially, during the change of seasons like summer, we need to pay extra attention to our hair. With all the harsh environmental factors, we also need to worry about the harmful UV rays, humidity, dry and dusty atmosphere, which can harm our hair from within. So, prioritising hair care during summers is a must if we want to avoid damaged and brittle hair.

 So, it’s time to curate mindful hair care routines that keeps your hair frizz-free, nourished, and makes it strong. Before you jump into hair care routines, we also recommend doing blood tests (Under a doctor’s supervision) to eliminate health issues like hormonal disbalance, anaemia, etc. 

We bring you some awesome nine hair care tips for summers that you can try to save your beautiful hair in these scorching summers. Say no to Bad Hair Days!

Natural Hair Care Routine

Is there anything better than a natural hair care routine? Nature has everything to support a healthy life, including our hair. No matter what your hair problem is, you will find a natural hair care remedy that you can easily be applied. Also, knowing how harsh chemicals can affect our hair negatively, like hair fall, stripping off the scalp oils, making hair brittle, etc., we often desire to avoid products with harsh chemicals.(1) This is the reason natural hair care routine is perfect! These products have the goodness of natural ingredients, which promote healthy hair in several ways while aiding in restoring lustre and volume. 

9 Summer Hair Care Routines 

Change the Shampoo

Shampoos that worked for your hair in the winters may not work in the summers. Why? Your hair becomes more dry and brittle because of the scorching heat of the summers. Now, if your shampoo has any ingredient that may strip off the scalp's oil, it can be fatal for your hair in the summers. 

So, opt for natural, simple, organic shampoos with ingredients that hydrate your hair from within. Also, during summer, you may have issues like dandruff and a sudden increase in hair fall. Go for products that have ingredients like ginger and red onion extract. Check out Lotus Botanicals’ Red Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo. This product is made with high-quality natural ingredients. The main ingredient, Red Onion, helps restore hair strength, reducing hair fall and ensuring that it nourishes your hair from within. The shampoo hydrates your hair, making it soft and supple. You can also check out how red onion shampoo is best for hair growth.

Easily disentangle your hair without breaking it

In the summer, the one thing we all complain about is the dusty air. Now, this dusty hair often results in hair tangles, especially if you keep your hair open and travel around.(2) This can result in hair breakage, hair damage, and hair fall. Also, you should never detangle your hair in the shower. 

Before you jump into the shower, always take a big toothcomb to brush your hair. Be gentle and detangle your hair completely. Also, we recommend not to go out with open hair. You can style your hair into loose braids. Avoid tight pony-tails. 


The next tip would be to invest in a good natural conditioner that hydrates your hair and helps cuticles restore and regenerate your hair. During summers, you may complain about dry and matted hair. You can avoid all those bad hair conditions with a good conditioner. Check for ingredients before you add a conditioner to your hair care routine. We recommend that you choose a conditioner that suits your hair type. Always remember that every hair type is unique and needs a different hair care routine. A good conditioner helps restore the natural oils of your hair. Also, it makes your hair smooth and shiny and reduces frizz. If you are looking for a natural hair conditioner, we recommend Red Onion Nutritive Hair Conditioner, which helps strengthen your hair. The red onions have medicinal properties like antifungal and anti-bacterial properties, making them perfect for summer hair care. This ensures reduced bacterial growth due to summer sweats. 

Don’t wash often

Washing your hair frequently can result in stripping of natural oils. This can make your hair brittle, making it prone to hair fall. Also, do you know that the sudden stripping of oil from the scalp can stimulate your sebum glands to produce more oil? 

Now, your hair becomes more prone to bacterial infection, especially during summers when we sweat. Avoid washing your hair daily. Wash twice a week or thrice a week. 

Hair Mask

If you are someone who complains about frizzy hair in the summers, then it’s time to add a hair mask to your hair care routine. During summers, you need to take extra steps to care for your hair. Natural Hair Mask once a week helps restore your hair's lost lustre while it intensifies moisturising properties, strengthening your hair and prevents hair breakage. 

But sometimes, preparation for hair masks can be challenging and often, we feel quite lazy and avoid this fundamental routine step. So, to solve your problem, Lotus Botanicals now brings you all organic, paraben-free, cruelty-free Red Onion Total Repair Hair Mask. You can apply this mask easily once a week post shampoo. The red onion extract helps with hair nourishment while making your hair strong and smooth. 


Whether it’s your face, body or hair, every body part is prone to damage due to UV rays! During summers, you need to take some extra steps that protect your hair as sunscreen. Now, your hair is delicate and constant exposure to sunlight can make it brittle, dry and prone to more hair falls. Also, your hair would lose its elasticity and natural shine. So, it’s important to protect your hair from UV rays.(3) Now, there are many ways to protect your hair. But you should go for serums and hair lotions with SPF 15 or above. Use these kinds of hair sunscreens before you are about to leave home. But during summers, we recommend using sunscreen, hair lotions and serums even during the day while staying at home. 

Cover your hair

Next, to save your hair from getting damaged due to the scorching heat and dusty atmosphere, you need to keep your hair covered. Use hats or silk scarves. These are also chic and would give your whole look an aesthetic appeal. These would help keep your hair extra protected from exposure to the sunlight and retain its natural moisturiser. 

Hair Oil 

Hair oil has been an essential part of the hair care routine for all genders from time immemorial. Go for the best hair oil based on your hair type. For instance, if you have coarse hair, go for oil which can be easily absorbed, like Olive Oil, coconut oil, and red onion hair oil. A good hair oil massage every alternate day or just before you shower helps your hair gain lost moisture while boosting the blood circulation on the scalp to boost hair growth. Also, a good hair oil massage can help you have beautiful and voluminous hair. 

Hair Serum

If you often complain about frizzy and coarse hair, you need to add a good natural hair serum to your hair care routine. Whether it’s the heat of the summer or the heat of your styling tool, hair serum protects the hair cuticles from heat damage. Also, the serum makes your hair shiny and smooth. Say no to dull and greasy hair this summer. 

Wrapping it up! 

While you start your summer hair care routine, you also need to take care of the ingredients of your hair products. Ensure that they don’t contain any proven chemicals that may harm your hair further. It’s always better to rely upon organic products that are sulphate and paraben-free. Explore our organic hair care products, which contain no harsh chemicals, but only the goodness of natural ingredients like Ginger roots and red onion. Say #nomorebadhairdays with Lotus Botanicals clean beauty products

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