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Kakadu Plum (Terminalia Ferdinandiana) - Newest Vital Component For Skincare

What is Kakadu Plum?

Kakadu plum is a flowering plant that is native to the Australian region. It is also known as Billygoat plum and its implications date back to ancient times. Traditional medicines relied strongly on it for curing cold, cough and other ailments. (1) Over the years, this plant has earned a new found yet formidable reputation in skin care, owing to its stellar properties and skin benefits. 

This fleshy plant has a single seed and it can be found in green and yellow colour. There are a number of skin benefits attributed to this prodigal plant. 

Kakadu Plum Skin Benefits

  • It is a rich source of Vitamin C 

It is no secret that Vitamin C is a skin care sweetheart in terms of its potency to protect and nourish your skin. Kakadu plum is rife with Vitamin C (2) and therefore this plant is endowed with exceptional antioxidant properties that can provide you with a wide range of skin benefits. 

  • It can manage hyperpigmentation

There have been studies to support the claim that the extracts from this plan can impede melanin production and therefore work wonders for blurring dark spots and skin pigmentation. (3)

  • It can protect your skin from free radicals damage 

Kakadu plum is a new superfood ingredient in skin care and it is full of outstanding nutrients that provide holistic skin benefits. Kakadu plum has Gallic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that can protect your skin from aggressive environmental factors. It can also protect your skin from the cellular damage that can be perpetrated by unchecked free radicals. (4

  • It provides anti ageing benefits 

In addition to Vitamin C, Kakadu plum is a rich source of Vitamin E, carotenoids, folic acid and a number of other nutrients that work like a dream for your skin. Consistent usage of Kakadu plum infused skin care products can help you experience a number of anti ageing benefits. (5

  • It has anti inflammatory properties 

When we talk about the advantages of Kakadu plum for skin care, we cannot ignore its outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. (6) These anti-inflammatory properties are useful in providing an even skin texture and mango g acne related inflammation. 

  • It has skin brightening properties 

Owing to its impressive antioxidant properties and Vitamin C content, this superfood ingredient can help you in achieving a brighter skin tone. (7

Kakadu Plum For Skin Care

If you have been meaning to experience the goodness of this new superfood ingredient in skin care, then Lotus Botanicals has an expansive range of products for you to choose from. The Vitamin C skin brightening face wash by Lotus Botanicals is infused with the goodness of Kakadu plum and perfect for everyday use. You can use this product for your day time and night time skin care routine for taking care of your overall skin health. Moreover, the Vitamin C skin brightening moisturiser by Lotus Botanicals also contains Kakadu plum extracts which can deeply nourish your skin and enhance the collagen production to properly repair and rejuvenate your skin. Check out the blog to know daily skincare routine for glowing skin.

In addition to phenomenal skin benefits, Health Benefits of Kakadu Plum are also exemplary. Its nutritive content is stellar for dietary purposes as well. It is a rich source of potassium, iron, calcium and zinc. (8) As a matter of fact, jams and preserves made out of Kakadu plum are a delicacy and people enjoy them with toast or biscuits. 

Guide To Use Kakadu Plum for Skincare

In order to use Kakadu plum for skin care, you can: 

  • Use Kakadu plum infused everyday to experience a broad spectrum of skin benefits. 
  • These skin care products are very well suited for those who wish to specifically target pigmentation, fine lines, acne and wrinkles. 
  • Kakadu plum is a natural product and it is suitable for all skin types but it is advisable to always do a patch test to mitigate the possibility of any signs of skin irritation. 
  • Kakadu plum can be used in face wash, moisturisers, face scrubs, serum etc.
  • It is comparable with many ingredients and therefore it can be used in combination with our skin enriching ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, lactic acid etc. to create wonderful and potent formulations. 
  • It works gently in the skin and is safe for usage by people with sensitive skin as well. Having said, a patch test should always be done. 
  • It is always a good idea to use Kakadu plum in products that are apt for leaving on your skin like moisturisers and serums. This helps you in experiencing the benefits of this wonder ingredient in the best possible way. (9


Given the aggressive nature of the environmental stimulants, it is extremely important that we put together a well thought of skin care routine to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Skin care isn’t just a part of your wellness regime but it has turned into an important regular or everyday activity that you need to pay attention to. There is no shying away from the fact that Vitamin C products can have long term benefits for your skin and when the goodness of vitamin C is extracted from Kakadu plum through the skincare products, then the skin benefits significantly amplify. 

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