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Why Should You Switch to Onion Oil During the Rainy Season?

The rainy season is here and although you may love the pitter-patter shower outside, your hair might not. The weather has an important role to play when it comes to your hair growth. With the humidity and the heat combined, monsoons can take a toll on your hair and can cause a lot of FRIZZ and hair fall. 

The fickle climate during monsoons can weaken your roots and cause hair damage. At times such as these, your hair needs some extra care and pampering on your side. Read this article to know all about some special Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Your hair needs the proper care and nourishment during monsoons. For starters, one should always keep their hair dry and follow a proper hair wash routine. Oiling is an age-old, tried, and tested method to provide strength and nutrition to the roots of the hair. The benefits of oiling your hair are innumerable. They provide you with the essential nutrients and give your a lustrous look. 

Onion oil is one such hair oil that shields your hair from harsh monsoon weather. The key to healthy hair is a well-nourished, balanced scalp, and onion oil can help you do just that! Apart from its intense aroma and taste, red onions are packed with many nutrients which are good for your hair. Best known for hair fall control and hair stimulation benefits, here are some more benefits of Onion for Hair Care that you must know about before using red onion hair oil.

Boosts hair growth 

Applying onion juice to the hair and scalp can increase blood supply to hair follicles, which, in turn, enhances hair growth. Onion oil on hair boosts the antioxidant enzyme catalase levels, which helps decompose hydrogen peroxide and optimizes the hair growth cycle. Using coconut oil and onion juice together may increase the growth and regeneration of strong, healthy hair, helping to treat baldness. The nutrients found within onion oil can help increase the blood circulation on the scalp; thus enhancing hair growth.

Strengthens your hair 

The naturally occurring Red Onion oil has profoundly beneficial properties that help strengthen hair follicles effectively. When added to hair and scalp, onion oil provides your hair with additional sulfur that supports stronger, fuller hair, thereby preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. One of the major benefits of onion hair oil is that it helps to revitalize the scalp and nourishes hair follicles. Red onion hair oil, rich in vital nutrients and sulfur, boosts hair growth, prevents scalp infections, and nurtures the follicles to boost volume, shine, and strong mane. Regular massages with hair oil nourish the scalp with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties which combats the instigators of hair loss, thus strengthening hair. 

Delays greying of hair 

Red onion hair oil is packed with nutrients that may keep your hair from getting damaged by free radicals. This, in turn, delays greying of the hair. Onion hair oil helps keep your scalp and roots pH level healthy, stimulating new hair follicles to grow. 

Improves hair texture 

Regular red onion hair oil nourishes your scalp and acts as a conditioner to the hair. Thus, it prevents dry, frizzy hair problems and enhances the texture of your hair. Onion oil will also ensure you get a shiny, healthy head of hair. Before your shampoo, use onion oil. The conditioning properties of onion oil help tighten the strands and get healthy, amazingly shiny, shiny hair. 

Fights bacterial infections 

One of the many amazing benefits of onion oil during the rainy season is its tendency to provide a hostile environment to bacteria, which helps in combating scalp conditions prone to irritation. The powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties of Red Onion Hair Oil help keep dry hair away from your scalp and treat scalp infections from the roots. Regular usage of this incredible oil is believed to nourish the scalp, boost hair growth, strengthen roots, and prevent hair loss. The powerful antioxidants in red onion oil combat scalp inflammation and antibacterial properties fight against dandruff.

How to apply Onion oil? 

The benefits of oiling your hair are innumerable. You should oil your hair at least twice a week for the best results. One of the best things about onion hair oil is that you can mix it with any of your favourite hair oil to yield the best results. 

  • Mix Red Onion Oil with Coconut oil- Since coconut oil can penetrate hair shafts, it can serve as the vehicle for onion juice, helping nourish the scalp from the inside out. 
  • Mix Red Onion Oil with Castor oil- When used with onion juice to grow your hair, castor oil works very efficiently in decreasing your hair fall and increasing your hair volume and thickness. 
  • Mix Red Onion Oil with Ginger-  The combination of ginger and onion oil helps to minimise hair loss, increase circulation in the scalp, and enhance hair quality.
  • Mix Red Onion Oil with Olive Oil-  Mixing olive oil with onion juice and massaging the mixture onto the scalp, then washing it off with a gentle shampoo, will leave you with a silky, shiny head of hair, while also helping to promote hair growth. 

Here are some of the best red onion hair oil products available at Lotus Botanicals- 

  • Red Onion Hair Fall Control Oil
  • Infused with the goodness of red onions, Lotus Botanicals’ red onion hair oil is a 100% natural red onion products. Revive damaged hair with the help of this nutritional hair oil. It has the nutritive properties of red onions and is also infused with the goodness of Ginseng to give you voluminous, strong, and shiny hair. 

  • Red Onion Hair Revitalizer
  • While we all know the benefits of red onion hair oil for hair, what we can’t neglect is the sticky and greasy feeling the oil leaves on your hair. A revitalizer spray is a non-sticky formula that you can use as an alternative to hair oil. The lotus botanicals’ red onion hair revitalizer is a paraben-free, natural, and vegan spray, that will prevent hair fall and restore the lost nutrients.  


    Which hair oil is best in the rainy season?

    Onion hair oil is best suited for the rainy season.  It is packed with the necessary nutrients and sulphur, which encourages hair growth, prevents hair fall, and scalp infections, and nourishes the follicles, increasing the volume, shine, and strength of your mane.

    Should you oil your hair in the rainy season?

    Yes, you must! There are several benefits of oiling your hair in monsoon. Oiling protects your hair from the harsh humid conditions of the monsoons and strengthens your hair follicles. 

    How can I protect my hair during the rainy season?

    To protect your hair during the rainy season, avoid getting your hair wet, comb your hair regularly, oil your hair, and maintain a proper hair wash regime. 

    Which oil is good for hair in monsoon?

    Onion hair oil is recommended during the monsoon season. Onion oil is high in sulfur, which prevents hair breakage, splitting ends, and hair thinning. Lotus Botanicals brings the amazing cruelty-free and vegan skincare products range.

    How can we protect our hair in monsoon?

    Regular oiling and a proper hair care regime will protect your hair from being damaged in the monsoons. 

    Does hair loss increase in monsoon?

    During monsoons, the weather is unpredictable - at times, it pours down heavily, and at another moment, it’s sunny. The air, too is humid and full of moisture, which can weaken your hair strands and lead to hair loss. 

    What is the best time for oiling hair?

    The best time for oiling your hair is to do it at night. Apply ample oil to your scalp, leave it overnight, and wash it the following day. 

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