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9 Reasons Why Switching to Natural Skincare Is Worth It

Today, there is a wide range of skincare products to choose from. With every new product introducing a new and effective way to maintain skincare, you may be confused about making the right choice. Adding to your hassle, some products have unpronounceable ingredients, while claiming to be good for your skin. 

The vast variety of products may get you to wonder what works for you, provides your skin with the goodness it needs, and yet, is an environment-friendly option that can serve as a perfect substitute to synthetic products.

Why should you turn to natural products?

Your skin is an indicator of how healthy you are. Additionally, they act as guards that protect you from external elements. So, it becomes extremely important to provide it with the care it deserves. However, chemical-based products may not exactly be a good option. They may do more harm than good and damage to your skin.

Studies have shown that these synthetic products may result in adverse long-term effects (1) on the body and skin.

From artificial toxic ingredients, side effects, allergic reactions to harsh chemicals, or harmful chemical waste defused in the environment, synthetic may not be the best choice.

A few common toxic chemicals found in skin care products are:


Found in a lot of skincare products, parabens are used as preservatives. They do more for the product than your skin. Usage of products containing paraben might cause issues like hormone disruption (2)  and  early puberty (3) in girls.

Synthetic Fragrances

When a ingredient label simply mentions, ‘fragrance’, it may be a list of chemicals that brands aren’t complied to reveal. This may cause problems to people who may have an allergic reaction to certain elements or may even consist of some harmful elements. 

Mineral Oils

A few side effects caused by mineral oils are clogging pores and might contain contamination toxins.

This is not about scaring or discouraging you to use skincare products but rather an attempt to ensure you are aware about what goes onto your body and into caring for your skin. So, let us introduce you to natural skincare products and why they may help you have a healthy and clean skincare routine!

9 reasons why you should consider switching to natural skin care products

When it comes to natural skin care products, old is gold. Passed down for generations, plant-based skin treatment has been beneficial and safer. These clean beauty products are chemical-free, skin-friendly and organic, inexpensive, and convenient. 

Botanical ingredients are not hormone disruptors, carcinogens, or allergens, making them safe to use. One of the benefits of turning to natural skin care is that most of the botanical ingredients are from plant sources and are known as non-toxic skin care. 

With no artificial harsh chemicals added to these skin care products, usually, there are no allergic reactions and side effects.

Here are a few benefits of plant-based skin care products to help you understand why switching to natural products may be a good option:

They are environment-friendly

If you are among the 87% of people who believe sustainability (4) is an important factor to look for in a product, then opting for may be a viable choice for you. Since natural skin care products cut down on the usage of chemicals and other artificial ingredients, manufacturing these products leaves less strain on the environment.

Alongside, the packaging of the products is also carried out with recyclable products as it aims to minimise carbon footprint.

They are safe for you 

Unlike synthetic products, natural skin care products do not contain harmful chemicals that may damage your skin in the longer run. Moreover, there is only a little research backing the claim that chemical-based products are not harmful to your skin.

With ingredients such as Baking Soda, Ubtan, Ginger Root, Bakuchiol, Grapefruits and several others, Lotus Botanicals offers some of the best natural skin care products as well as the safest ones. We believe in keeping your skin healthier and so, adulteration is a big no on our part.

They contribute to healthier skin

Adding to the list of advantages of natural skincare products, they are also responsible for ensuring healthy skin. Your skin has a job to provide you protection against external factors; it acts as a shield. 

Moreover, natural skincare products,  rich in antioxidants (5) can provide your skin with the nourishment it needs and delay early aging.

They are cost-effective

While it may seem like natural skin care products are more expensive as compared to non-botanical ones, you may want to consider your greatest asset being spent; your health. When you are comparing natural skin care products vs chemical-based ones, it is vital to consider your health.

Therefore, when it comes to providing your skin with the best, a few extra bucks may not matter much.

They are packed with essential nutrients

While as many artificially-manufactured products may claim of rejuvenating your skin, it may become dry and sometimes, do more damage than good (6). One of the best ways of identifying the goodness and nourishment between synthetic and natural skin care products is to compare their ingredients.

At Lotus Botanicals, we take immense pride in providing the benefits of natural ingredients for skincare. Our sulphate-free, silicon-free, and paraben-free products add care to skincare.

They are easier on your skin 

If you are someone who has sensitive skin, wouldn’t it be an appropriate option to not go for a product that may potentially cause irritation, allergy, or health issues? One of the advantages of natural skincare is that it may not adversely affect your skin. 

They may be gentler on your skin (7) and not result in any drastic skin problems which paraben-induced products may cause. 

Cruelty-free products

A part of sustainability is to ensure your products do not harm other living organisms. A  whole lot of synthetic products (8) are prepared at the cost of troubled living organisms due to animal testing.

One of the benefits of using natural skincare is that they refrain from testing their products on animals. So you can promise yourself glowing skin along with a clean conscience.

Less chance of side effects

With no adulteration and all-natural ingredients, there is minimal to no chance of side effects. Studies have, over the years, showing how the usage of synthetic products may cause side effects.(9) 

The toxic chemicals and heavy metals found in synthetic products may do more to protect the product itself rather than your skin. 

Beneficial in the long run

When it comes to finding a product that will prove to be beneficial in the longer run, natural skin care benefits take the cake. 

For centuries, natural ingredients were our go-to option. And while synthetic products may have made their mark in the past few years, today may be the time to switch back to natural skincare products.

Still Wondering About Choosing The Right Product For You?

Today, the natural skin care industry is a billion-dollar industry (10) and it continues to grow every year. So, it is only natural (pun intended!) that you may be finding it difficult to choose the right brand to meet your skin care needs. 

If plant-based & clean beauty skin care is what you are looking for, then Lotus Botanicals may have the right products for you in the store. We believe in caring for your skin as you choose us for your skin care needs. We are among the top skincare brands in India and we are happy to help you find the right product. All you need to do is visit our store and give your skin the care it needs!

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